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Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing Foundation News Sources - How do you keep up with Kubernetes?

CNCF curated weekly digest of all things Kubernetes!

The official Kubernetes Discourse instance

Kubernetes Blog
The official Kubernetes blog

DevOps, Cloud Native, Open Source, and the 'ish in between.

A podcast focused on Containers, Kubernetes and Cloud-native application development.

Kubernetes Podcast from Google
A weekly news and interview show with insight from the Kubernetes community.

Last Week in Kubernetes Development
LWKD is a weekly newsletter summarizing code activity in the Kubernetes project: merges, PRs, deprecations, version updates, release schedules, and the weekly community meeting.

The New Stack
A digest of the week's most important stories & analyses about the services and infrastructures that developers build and the cultural impact that has on the way we work and live.

A weekly summary covering Cloud Native Community, Container technologies and Open Source development.

Kubernetes README
What books 📚 to read to learn more about Kubernetes

DevOps Newsletters
Looking for a list of newsletters like this related to DevOps? I've got you covered.